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We offer a drug-free, non-surgical and state of the art treatment for peripheral neuropathy. How would your life change if you found a solution to heal your neuropathy?

Masking symptoms with drugs is not the only treatment option.

Do You Suffer From Any Of These Symptoms?

➡️ Numbness, tingling or itching in hands, arms, feet or legs?

➡️ Feeling of burning pain?

➡️ Muscle weakness?

➡️ Loss of balance?

➡️ Cold feet and hands?

➡️ Pain when sleeping?

Shows fire ants crawling on the feet, representing neuropathy pain

There May Be Hope For You!

Our treatment works for a wide variety of neuropathy causes like diabetes, chemotherapy, alcohol and statin drugs. If you are suffering with neuropathy pain, there may be hope with our unique program! Schedule your neuropathy relief package today.

Does Your Neuropathy Pain Keep Getting Worse?

Do you have neuropathy pain that keeps getting worse? Did it first start in your feet and now you feel it in your fingers and hands?


Have You Tried Drugs?

Have you tried drugs like Gabapentin, but you notice the neuropathy is getting worse and your doctor keeps increasing the dose?

Do You Think There Are No Other Options?

Have you tried everything else and feel like nothing will help you? Or maybe you feel the drugs only mask the symptoms and give you bad side effects?



Our Program Gets Great Results!


Our Neuropathy Program Success Rate

Why Choose Us To Treat Your Neuropathy?


Experienced Doctors

Doctors are with you every step of the way in treating your neuropathy.


94% Program Success Rate

Our program get’s amazing results for neuropathy relief.


At Home Treatment Plan

Most of your treatment is done in the comfort of your home and a doctor is only a phone call away.


Get SAME DAY Results

Start enjoying relief right away!

What Does The Neuropathy Relief Package Include?

Our exam and consultation typically is $250, but we are offering it for only $97. This offer won’t last long because the doctor is getting very busy.


You get a thorough review of history and consultation with the doctor.

Neuropathy Focused Exam

The exam includes complete sensory tests on your nerves.

Report Of Findings

The doctor will go over the results of your tests and will let you know if you are a good condidate for the program.

Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Dickson is amazing. I haven’t gotten relief anywhere else. He has helped me both physically and mentally.”



“Dr. Dickson has helped me with my diabetic neuropathy more than any other doctor, he really cares.”



Dr. Dickson was amazing and so helpful! He was honest and took the time to answer my questions about my health. I would highly recommend!



I highly recommend Dr. Dickson! He knows his stuff and helped me through some weird pain I was having.”



Dr. Dickson is a very passionate doctor who really listens to my needs and explains the science behind his methods. I recommend everyone to try Dr. Dickson, you will be on a better path of good health once you are under his care.”


Sales Rep

Dr. Dickson is an exceptional doctor with extensive knowledge and a heart that shows concern for his patients. He attentively listens and answers questions , so his patients understand the healing benefits of the care he provides. He truely is one in a million and has helped me the most out of any other doctor.”



Meet The Doctor

Picture of Doctor Joel Dickson D.C., the neuropathy specialist of Neuropathy of Sacramento

Dr. Joel Dickson D.C.

Dr. Dickson will be your personal doctor, taking care of you and your neuropathy every step of the way. He loves helping his patients, especially with debilitating conditions such as neuropathy. Dr. Dickson truly understands the debilitating pain and disability that can come from neuropathy because he’s had neuropathy syptoms. Dr. Dickson researched the very best methods to heal his own neuropathy. Today, Dr. Dickson is symptom FREE when following the protocol! He now offers the same exact program and protocol to his patients’, so they can get the best and most advanced treatment available today.

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